3 Ways to Reduce UV Rays Inside your Home

Arizona is known for relentless summer heat. The summer sun destroys just about anything left outside like pool toys, yard equipment, and even your skin. One thing that many people don’t think about is how the sun’s UV rays can penetrate through windows and ruin furniture, flooring, and just about anything else. There are three easy and cost effective routes you can take to reduce the impact that UV rays have on the inside of your home:

Tint your windows

Tinting your home windows that receive the most direct sunlight with even a 88% tint (barely dark enough to tell there is tint on the window) will help reduce the amount of UV rays introduced into a room. Not only does this reduce the destructive UV rays, but it also reduces energy loss. Windows that are out of reach and probably won’t have curtains can be tinted even darker without noticing too big of a difference in the brightness of the room.

Replace your window screens

Just like everything else outside, the sun eats window screens. Replacing your screens will allow for your new screens to act as another shield for your belongings. Sun screens come in several different types. There are regular bug screens which are not made to shade the window, rather just stop bugs from entering. These shades will typically only cover the part of the window that opens. Then there are different degrees of sun shades which offer UV protection and block anywhere from 50-90% of UV rays and cover the entire window. Obviously the more UV you block the more sun light is blocked as well. So on windows that are crucial to the lighting of a room you may go with lighter screens. With windows that are not as important but still have lots of direct light, you might want to go with a higher UV block percentage.

Install new blinds or curtains

Simply installing blinds or curtains in a room will also help stop the harsh UV rays from coming through the window. As always blinds work with the look and feel of the room but sometimes they are not and tinting/window screens are the best option. Blinds can block up to 50% of energy escaping through a window and are an easy solution for home owners who want to do it themselves.

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