Phoenix auto glass company explains the steps involved in repairing a cracked windshield

With Phoenix’s vast highway system, continuing construction and desert landscape, no one is immune to small flying particles while they drive.

Jason Mariner, president and owner of Clear Cut Glass, a Phoenix auto glass company specializing in auto glass, residential glass and commercial glass, explains why auto glass repairs are necessary.

When your windshield gets a crack or chip, knowing what do to and where to go quickly is important to preventing further damage.

Your auto glass technician will do the following to repair any cracked auto glass:

  • Inspection: Repairing windshields damaged by small rocks and debris involves first inspecting the type of crack and cleaning it thoroughly. This ensures the resin that fills the crack can best adhere to the glass.
  • Resin: Next a resin (clear liquid filler that bonds to the glass and hardens through a curing process) is applied in the crack.
  • Remove air: Next all the air is removed in the area between the resin and the windshield through a vacuum seal to allow for a seamless repair and proper permanent bonding.
  • Cure and finalize: Finally the resin is cured with a UV light and cures for a few minutes. At this point the resin has hardened and ready to be smoothed. Lastly the technician will use a razor to smooth off the extra resin and then buff and polish the repair.

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