Car windshield repairs — what not to do

When a chip or crack happens in your car windshield the first thought people have is often: how much will this cost me? They know it is a repair that needs to be fixed and that repairing it feels like an inconvenience.

Some of the worst mistakes regarding car windshield repairs are made by those wishing to save a buck. What they don’t realize is that repairing chips in car windshields is actually fast and affordable when done by a reputable professional.

Top Three Car Window Repair Mistakes

  1. At-Home Repair Kits: In an attempt to save money some car owners order at-home repair kits but often they cause the damage to worsen. Don’t be fooled by online videos that make it seem easy to repair—it is actually very affordable to have a professional repair your windshield.
  2. Waiting to Repair: Some drivers try to wait as long as they can to repair their windshield, mistakenly thinking that the damage is too small to be repaired or that it will get another chip soon anyway. This is another major mistake! Failing to quickly repair damage can worsen the damage already done as the damage is affected by temperature, pressure and even time. This can lead to a much more costly windshield replacement that could have been avoided by simply having the repair done.
  3. Blowing A/C on Damaged Windshield: Cracks and chips in damaged windshields are especially susceptible to further damage by rapid temperature changes. This happens in Arizona when there are very hot temperatures outside as well as very cold air conditioning inside being blasted on the windows. Be sure to avoid direct cold air on damaged glass in your car.

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