Arizona Home Window Sunscreens

At Clear Cut Glass, we know that home windows are the number one source of heat gain in Arizona homes. One way Arizonians are creating more energy efficient homes is by installing sunscreens on their residential home windows.

Why sunscreens on Arizona home windows are such a great investment:

  1. Energy Efficiency. Sunscreens prevent nearly 90% of solar energy heat.
  2. Protection. Sunscreens protect your windows from the sun and other elements.
  3. Prevent Heat Transfer. Sunscreens prevent nearly 86% of heat transfer through the glass window.
  4. Glass Does Not Get Hot. The sunscreens prevent the light from hitting the glass window.
  5. Privacy. Sunscreens block the visibility from people outside your home looking in.
  6. Save Money. Sunscreens can lower your energy bills!
  7. Going Green. By saving energy you are helping save the environment.
  8. Block UV Rays. Up to 90% of the UV Rays are blocked by the sunscreens. UV Rays can cause sun damage to home furniture, drapes, artwork and window blinds.

Now is the time to install your Arizona home window sunscreens before the temperatures start rising. Contact Clear Cut Glass today for your free estimate. Visit our website at or better yet, give us a call at 602-490-0550.

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