Benefits of Home Sunscreens in Arizona

There are many benefits to installing sunscreens on your Phoenix home’s windows such as a cooler home; a reduced air conditioning bill but there is also the added perk of increased privacy.

Sunscreens come in a variety of different sized mesh ranging from 60-90% sun coverage. The higher the number corresponds to a tighter mesh weave. The tighter the mess results in less heat let in and also the more private the windows appear. Sunscreens have great privacy during the day, most being near impossible to see inside from the outside during the daylight. Nighttime privacy from the outside, looking-in, can range from low to medium depending on the mesh weave. Keep in mind however; the more lights on inside the house at night will decrease visibility looking out but also increase visibility from someone outside looking in.

Added privacy to any home increases its value as well as making the home a safer and more pleasant place to live. Most home invasions take place during the day when thieves realize people aren’t home and the more private you can make your home during the day, the safer and more protected you are. Many newer neighborhoods in Arizona have houses that are built very close together so having this extra privacy is an added bonus to a lower electric bill and cooler more comfortable house.

The best way to decide what sunscreen is best for you is to evaluate what you are looking for in terms of heat protection, permanence, privacy and budget. When all these things are considered, Clear Cut Glass can install the best option for your home to keep you comfortable, increase your privacy and improve your monthly bills.

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