Clear Cut Glass: 3 Advantages of Double Pane Windows


Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass offers three Advantages of installing Double Pane Windows.

Living in Arizona you already know that the heat and sun are relentless, especially in the summer months. Air conditioning units are ran constantly 6-8 months out of the year to keep cool. Improper installation and/or old single pane windows are cause for higher bills each month. Homes in the Phoenix area are using double pane windows for the following three reasons:

Minimal Heat Transference
Double-pane windows preemptively allow less heat into the home; the air conditioning system has less to cool, and is typically reported to save home owners approximately 20%-30% per month. These substantial savings are often accompanied by rooms being able to reach cooler temperatures during the summer without excessive AC costs.

Noise Cancellation
Regardless of the original concern being too much noise coming in (cars, airplanes, neighbors, etc.), or too much noise coming out (worrying about disturbing neighbors), double-pane windows break up significantly more sound waves than their single-pane counterparts, and provided for a quieter, more private feel to a home.

Resistant to Breaking
Security is an additional benefit, particularly from the outside in. For a burglar to enter a home, there are now two sheets of glass to break through. Conveniently, this is also helpful for homes with children, which might be the occasional target of a stray toy or ball.

Although it does cost more to initially install double-pane windows, the benefits show that double pane windows pay for themselves within the first year of ownership. When looking to replace your windows contact Clear Cut Glass to install your double pane windows!

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