Clear Cut Glass: 3 Reasons to repair your windshield

Jason Mariner, Owner of Clear Cut Glass, offers the top 3 reasons why you should repair your windshield.

Of all the moving parts that are involved in a modern vehicle, it can be very tempting to see a small crack or damaged spot in a windshield, and consider it almost a non-issue. However, a broken windshield presents a few problems that are more serious than one might originally believe:

A driver can be pulled over and ticketed for a damaged windshield
In Arizona, a police officer does not need an additional reason to pull someone over. These types of tickets are unfortunately pursued by law enforcement in an active manner, and the resulting fee ranges from approximately $130 to $250.

The structural integrity of a cracked windshield is compromised
Modern automotive glass is designed to be incredibly resilient and shatter-proof upon impact, protecting those inside the vehicle. Specifically, they prevent the roof of a car from bending in towards the occupants in the event of a serious side-impact crash. All safety designs and specifications are based upon an in tact windshield, and the vehicle’s withstanding power is lessened without one.

Replacing a windshield is inexpensive to replace
Of all the components of a car that needs repair or replacement, windshields are comparatively inexpensive, particularly with some if not all of the cost being covered by an individual’s auto insurance coverage. The replacement process is also quick (done within an hour or two), and often mobile, meaning it can be done at your home or work.

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