Clear Cut Glass: How to clean sun screens


Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass, shares how to keep your sun screens clean year round!

Arizona is infamous for their dust storms or “haboobs” during the summer months. After just one monsoon there can be a collection of dirt and dust in and around your windows and sunscreen. It is important to keep your sunscreens clean so they work properly. Cleaning the sunscreens on your house will keep the windows working efficiently and keep the heat out of your home.

The size of the mesh weave and how dirty your sunscreens get it is advised to wash your sunscreens and windows 2-4 times a year.. This is a good time to inspect the sunscreens for any rips or tears and the frame for any bending. Any of these imperfections can affect how well the sunscreens prevent heat from entering your home.

The best way to wash your sunscreen and windows is to first remove the sunscreens. Next, hose the sunscreens down with water until the water runs clear. Wipe (or even lightly brush) the screens inside and out with a lightly damp cloth or brush to make sure all the residue is gone. Then hose the windows and window crevices and use your preferred window cleaning solution to clean the window glass and frame. Let everything air dry before you replace the sunscreens.
With proper care of your sunscreens you can continue to enjoy the Arizona sun year-round and make sure your home stays cool year-round as well.
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