Clear Cut Glass: Cost Analysis of Replacing vs. Repairing RV Windshield Glass

Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass, provides a cost analysis of replacing vs. repairing RV windshield glass.

Arizona has some of the most beautiful fall and winter weather – a perfect time to take your RV out on the road! While enjoying the open road in your RV, it is easy to ignore a chip or a crack on your RV windshield, however that can cost you big time!

One thing to keep in mind is that the cost of replacing an RV windshield compared to replacing a car windshield can be significant.

Why is that?

Have you seen how large your RV glass can be? A one piece windshield can measure over 9 feet wide. Standing next to one of those windshields when it is out on the ground before an install can make you feel small. Those large windshields can be expensive and take hours to replace them the right way.

Not addressing even the smallest chip or crack can lead to serious damage to the RV windshield.

Some key points to keep in mind:

  • To repair an RV windshield chip/crack will cost significantly less than replacing the windshield
  • You will see the chip blemish on the glass but it prevents it from spreading across the entire windshield
  • Some RV insurance policies may cover RV windshield and window repair and replacements – if you do not have glass coverage on your RV…I would call your agent and look into adding that coverage.

Don’t let a simple chip or crack ruin your next adventure! Clear Cut Glass is here for any of your RV windshield repair and replacement needs!

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