Clear Cut Glass: Cost effectiveness of new windows

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Jason Mariner, Owner of Clear Cut Glass in Peoria, AZ, shares the cost effectiveness of installing new windows.

We are commonly asked if new windows will pay for themselves through energy savings. In Phoenix, windows can be the largest escape of cool air causing high energy bills in the summer months. Since most homes in the valley use their air conditioners for 6-8 months out of the year it is crucial to have the most efficient windows.

Saving Money
As for saving money with new windows it is all very relative to your home, location, window size, window orientation, window system and actual use. If your windows are single pane or if they aren’t sealed properly chances are replacing your windows will save you money immediately.

What about Upgrading?
Upgrading any house from a single pane system is bound to have cost savings based off a few simple facts. Going from a single pane to a two pane system, doubles the layer of protection between the outside temperature and desired temperature. Second, if you have single pane windows currently they are probably several years (20+) old and the seals between the frame and the walls as well as the where the windows open are likely to be leaking. New windows will seal better thus saving you money.

Clear Cut Glass is a leader in Arizona in home window replacement. Contact us with any window replacement needs you have!

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