Clear Cut Glass: Energy Efficient Windows and Savings

In Arizona it is easy to think of hot summers, swimming pools, and lake time adventures! But what are we doing inside during the summer? Hopefully staying cool! It is important to understand how having energy efficient windows will save money in the summer time but also in the winter! Even in Arizona!

High performance windows with new glazing technologies not only reduce energy costs but make homes more comfortable as well. During cold weather, exterior temperatures can reduce interior glass surface temperatures below the room air temperature. How low the glass temperature drops depends on the window’s insulating quality.

During warm weather the hot sun can cause discomfort. Just as people turn up the heat to compensate for cold windows in cold weather, they use air-conditioning to counter the effects of warm window surfaces and sunlight in summer.

Arizona mainly requires cooling down our homes from the outside elements. Having non-energy efficient windows can be a huge source of unwanted heat and cost. In summer, strong direct sunlight strikes people and interior surfaces, creating overheating and discomfort. Installing energy efficient windows through out your home will substantially reduce your energy bills, keep your home significantly cooler, as well as keep your home quiet from outside noise.

Call Clear Cut Glass with any questions or concerns you might have about your home windows! We are here for any of your home window repair or replacement needs!

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