Clear Cut Glass: Energy efficient windows


Clear Cut Glass shares how and why having energy efficient windows is beneficial to you.

Did you know that windows and doors account for about 20% of your homes heat / cooling loss? Making sure your windows are properly sealed and the sun is properly reflected plays a large role in controlling energy loss.

Efficient Windows

Properly sealed windows can save as much as 15% of the total energy lost through a window. All you need is caulking and weather stripping and you can seal your windows yourself. Use the caulking on fixed joints where air is currently able to escape. Weather-stripping should be applied where parts are moving. This can help stop drafts through older windows where the window doesn’t quite close all the way.

If you have gone around and sealed all your windows and still find that your energy bill is higher than desired maybe it is time to upgrade your windows. Window efficiency has grown drastically even in the last 10 years. If you currently have single pane windows chances are that you will see a great savings by replacing your windows.

If you have any questions concerning residential window replacements, contact Clear Cut Glass! We are proud to help the community grow and save money at the same time. We are experts in window replacement!

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