Clear Cut Glass explains how to protect your home from the Arizona sun

Clear Cut Glass :: home window repair and replacement

Clear Cut Glass :: home window repair and replacement

As most Phoenix residents experience, keeping their home at a comfortable temperature while not costing a fortune is a constant balancing act. There are many ways to help keep the cool air in such as having double-paned windows, weather-stripping and making sure there are no gaps between the window and the frame. Clear Cut Glass, a Phoenix area residential glass company, gives three ways that you can keep the heat from entering your home in the first place.

Window Tinting
Tinting your windows is when a thin metallic film is adhered to the outside of your window. Tints can be a variety of colors and shades. They also differ according to the amount of UV light that is blocked from passing through the tint. Window tinting offers additional privacy and security as well. Even a tint barely noticeable can significantly reduce the heat transfer as well as your energy bill.

The sun’s rays damage window screens over time and the traditional screens on homes are only to keep bugs out-they do not filter the UV rays from the sun. Installing sunscreens is the most effective way at reducing UV rays penetrating your home. Sunscreens currently on the market can block anywhere from 50% to 90% of UV rays. The higher UV protection of the sunscreen the more natural light blocked as well. Some people choose to have the highest protection on the windows with the most direct sunlight and then more moderate protection on rooms with less sunlight.


Installing new blinds or drapes on your homes windows adds and added layer of protection when combined with window tinting or sunscreens. These are great options for the do-it-yourself homeowner but are best combined with professional solutions to maximize energy savings.
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