Clear Cut Glass: Safety tips for repairing and replacing cracked RV windshields

Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass shares safety tips for repairing and replacing cracked RV windshields.

RV windshields are a significant part of your vehicles safety. They are comprised of two layers of glass and one layer of plastic that can withstand most types of impact. Not only do they protect from the outside elements while driving but they also ensure that you and your passengers are kept safe while on the road.

What happens when you get a chip or a crack in your RV windshield? Should you leave it alone? Or replace it immediately?

RV Windshields with cracks that are left untreated can spread and weaken its ability to keep you safe.

Keep these safety tips in mind with a cracked RV windshield:

  • Minimize the cracks chance of spreading by placing a clear piece of tape over the crack. This will keep outside elements temporarily out of the crack until repairs can be completed.
  • Do not expose the RV windshield to extreme temperatures until it has been repaired or replaced. Extreme hot or cold can cause a small crack to spread across the entire windshield.
  • If possible, avoid having the RV washed or using the windshield wipers. Fluid that enters the crack can weaken it causing it to spread.
  • If possible, avoid any jolts to your RV – this can include slamming doors, sudden stops, or rough roads.
  • Have your RV inspected by Clear Cut Glass – Let us assess the damage and help you determine the best solution.

Stay safe on the road and remember Clear Cut Glass is here for any of your RV windshield repair or replacement needs!

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