Clear Cut Glass shares how to prevent home energy loss during fall in Arizona

Jason Mariner, President of Clear Cut Glass, a home, RV, commercial and auto glass repair and replacement company, shares how to prevent home energy loss during fall in Arizona.

Although autumn in Phoenix sounds like an oxymoron, there is a definite weather change that can effect the way you home retains it cool air. Phoenix falls often feel like extensions of summer with temperatures in the 80s and 90s well through October. What makes fall different from summer is that nighttime temperatures drop drastically while in summer nighttime temperatures remain around 100 degrees. This is why your pool stays warm and comfortable in summer weather but is too cold to swim in in October when the weather is still 90 degrees.

The same physics apply to your home when heat escapes through your windows. Having the proper low-E windows installed in your home will prevent the transfer of heat in both directions during these harsh autumn temperature changes.

Low-E, or low emissive windows are treated with a metallic substance to reflect the sun’s rays. This heat-reflective metal additive reflects the ultra-violet light (heat) and yet filters the visible light. The same technology that reflects the suns heat but lets in its light during the summer, traps heat inside during the colder temperatures. Fall is a time when you can spend a lot of money regulating your homes temperature.

The harder your heat/air conditioning need to work to meet the desired equilibrium, the more energy is used. The more energy that is used costs money. This energy is wasted energy because there are alternative ways to reduce the energy expenditure of your home. Low-E windows are a great first step of defense against the outside elements.

Adding a Low-E coating to your homes windows is only one of the ways Phoenix glass experts at Clear Cut Glass can help lower your energy costs. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient models or sunscreens are also ways Clear Cut glass can save you money this fall.

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