Clear Cut Glass shares ten ways to protect your home from the Arizona sun

Clear Cut Glass shares ten ways to protect your home from the Arizona sun.

Even though the heat of the year is winding down, average annual high temperatures in Phoenix are 85 degrees. This combined with the more than 250 days of sunlight makes escaping the heat one of Arizonians biggest concerns. Unfortunately, escaping the heat often means paying hefting chunks to our air conditioning bill. Installing sunscreens are a great way to reduce your monthly living expenses living in the valley.

Benefits of Sunscreens

  1. Money. Less heat emerging or leaving your home means your house works less which saves money on your energy bills.
  2. Energy. Sunscreens save energy on your AC and heating bills by reflecting heat energy.
  3. Heat Transfer. Sunscreens can prevent around 85% of heat transfer.
  4. Green Living. Sunscreens help the environment by using less energy.
  5. Block UV Rays. Technological advances have developed screens that can block up to 90% of heat waves.
  6. Privacy. Sunscreens prevent visibility from the outside to see inside.
  7. Comfort. The glass behind a sunscreen does not get hot and will not burn your or your children.
  8. Investment. Sunscreens installed are great investment to your homes value and appeal.
  9. Protects Property. Sunscreens prevent your furnishings, floors and window coverings from fading and sun damage.
  10. Convenience. Sunscreens reduce the glare the sun gives which gives you more comfortable TV and computer views.

Clear Cut Glass is a respected Phoenix company that will help you save money by installing sunscreens to your home. With unparalleled customer service and honest quotes, Clear Cut Glass is the Valleys’ premier glass experts.

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