Clear Cut Glass: Sunscreens help homeowners save money

Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass in Peoria, AZ – shares how sunscreens save you money year round.

In climates like Arizona, the sun shines over 300 days a year and is especially powerful in the summer. In a place this hot, with summer temperatures regularly over 110 degrees, nowhere is the heat felt more than in your own home.
A common solution is to run the air conditioning throughout the day and night. But running your air conditioning that often can get expensive quickly. Installing sunscreens on your windows have several advantages including reducing monthly costs.

Five advantages to installing sunscreens in your home are:
1. Keep out the heat
Sunscreens drastically reduce the UV rays reaching inside your home, which reduces the transfer of heat.
2. Save money
With a cooler home, you will spend less money cooling your house and will save money on your electricity bill.
3. Help the environment
Installing sunscreens is a way to live “greener” and reduce the amount of electricity you use.
4. Increase the value of your home
Sunscreens increase your home’s curb appeal and are also an attractive feature to Arizonan homebuyers.
5. Privacy
Sunscreens allow for increased privacy during the day as they only allow visibility from the inside out.

Having sunscreens on the windows in your home is a great way to beat the Arizona heat.
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