Clear Cut Glass: Sunscreens save year-round for Phoenix residents

Jason Mariner, Owner of Clear Cut Glass, in Peoria, Arizona shares that the average annual count of sunny days in Phoenix, Arizona is 296 days. That means that over 80% of the year you can feel the suns’ rays. That also means ultra-violet rays, which are the suns’ heat waves are penetrating your home as well. When living in a place that sees so much sun, homeowners need to know how to protect their home and reduce their energy expenditures. Most importantly, reducing energy saves homeowners hard-earned money. One of the best ways to reduce heat transfer is to have sunscreens installed on your homes windows.
Sunscreens installed on the windows of your home do much more than average window screens. Window glass is a heat conductor, meaning it takes on the heat of the sunlight at makes the room hotter. When sunscreens protect the windows they can effectively disperse the heat waves to reduce their penetration on the glass. This reduces the effect the sun has on the temperature of your home.
Sunscreens are available in a variety of different strengths to block out heat and retain visibility. They also can be more affordable than other types of heat protection, are more durable and because they are cheaper and last longer you see a faster and longer payback in your energy bills. Every Phoenician knows that summer pricing can get very pricy but Clear Cut Glass can help you save.

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