Clear Cut Glass: Ways to prevent heat transfer in your Phoenix home

Jason Mariner, Owner of Clear Cut Glass in Peoria, AZ shares why heat transfer is an important phenomenon for those living in Arizona. Heat transfer is when fast moving, hot air molecules disperse into colder, slower moving air particles which then raises the temperature. When you have a barrier between the hot outside and the cold inside such as a window, the barrier can either increase or decrease the transfer of heat. Because glass windows are good heat conductors then can make the inside house even warmer when it’s hot outside.
There are several different ways that heat transfer can be combated:
• Installing sunscreens to reduce heat transfer up to 86%
• Making sure all window frames and weather stripping fit properly with a tight seal
• Replacing old windows with newer double-paned energy efficient models
• Hanging blinds or drapes on the interior of your homes windows
Clear Cut Glass does more than replace broken home windows- they are a reputable local company dedicated to giving Phoenix customers the comfort and savings they’ve always wanted in their home. Whether it is window or sunscreen installation, Clear Cut Glass has the best technology to save on your monthly energy bills.

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