Clear Cut Glass: Window Replacement – Is it time to replace your home windows?

Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass answers: Window Replacement – Is it time to replace your home windows?

Homeowners may find themselves asking when is it a good time to replace my windows? How do I know if I need to replace them or have a simple repair done? Below are some great scenarios and questions to ask indicating that it may be time to replace your home windows.

• Single pane windows – single pane windows are the least energy efficient and allow for the most heat transfer between inside your home and the outdoor elements.

• Cracked seals or improper function – If your windows aren’t opening and closing properly or the seals have failed, outside heat or cold can enter inside your home. This can cause your cooling/heating bill to rise significantly indicating that your windows are not functioning as they should.

• Noise from outside –Energy efficient windows not only decrease monthly cost but also keep noise at a minimum. If you can hear outside noises it is possible that you need new windows installed.

• Condensation between panes – If you notice condensation forming between the windowpanes this can be a sign of inefficient windows increasing the likelihood of the windows needing to be replaced.

Let Clear Cut Glass replace your home windows! We are here for any of your home window repair or replacement needs!!

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