Common Arizona Window Glass and Glazing

The type of glass or glazing on a glass is a large part of what makes windows energy efficient. There are several difference options for different needs, climates, house architectures and budgets. In Arizona especially with such extreme weather, heat insulation is an important factor when considering what type of window to buy for your home.

Common Arizona Window Glass and Glazing:

  • Insulated: This type of window simply means there is more than one windowpane in the window.
  • Gas Filled: This type of window is filled with a gas such as krypton or argon because it is more insulating than air.
  • Tints: Different colors of glaze applied to a window absorb heat and change the color of the window. Different colors have different heat properties but gray and bronze tints are the most effective at reducing thermal transfer while still allowing visible light through.
  • Reflective Coating: Reflective coating is like low-e coating in that it is made from a metal but reflective blocks more visible light than it does heat.
  • Low-Emissive Coating: A low-emissive or low-e coating is a glaze on the window that can reduce energy loss anywhere from 30-50%. Low-e windows are when a thin layer of metallic coating is bonded to the windows exterior.
  • Spectrally Selective Coating: This type of window is a specific kind of low-e coating that can reduce the heat transmitted by 40-70%. It does so by reflecting certain wavelengths but allowing other wavelengths to pass through.

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