Damaged Arizona windshields and the importance of repairing promptly

Cars in the United States all have windshields made of laminated glass, which is two layers of glass are bonded to a thin layer of plastic. This type of glass helps prevent a single site of small damage from affecting the entire windshield.

Any damage in the form of a crack, chip or ding is important to be fixed quickly especially for those living in Arizona. Not fixing small cracks and chips can affect a driver’s visibility and of course lead to a larger and more serious flaw that cannot be repaired.

In Arizona the weather is very warm most of the year and our extreme summer temperatures can also warp the glass itself, which will make dings worse if they are already present. Air conditioning that is run in the car during the hot months further exasperates compromised glass, as cold air on hot glass can also increase damage.

Air conditioning is not the only rapid temperature change damaged windshields can experience. Arizona is unique because the difference between the daily highs and lows are so severe that cracking can occur from both very warm weather, very cool weather and the rapid change between the two. Because of our unique but harsh climate, it is especially important for damages to be repaired soon so they do not become a safety issue and so the cost of repair remains low.

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