Energy Efficient Windows in Arizona

energy efficient window

Energy efficiency is not only important for the environment but having energy efficient windows can save Arizona homeowners a significant amount of money. Most people don’t know if their windows are energy efficient but there are many simple things you can check to see if your current windows are energy efficient. Clear Cut Glass answers questions regarding how to check your home’s windows.


Question: Does your home have drafts?

Answer: Check the seal of the window as this contributes to heat transfer.


Question: Does your window open?

Answer: If it doesn’t, repairing will help improve your windows ability to keep cold air in and hot Arizona air out.


Question: Are there cracks, chips or other damage to the window glass?

Answer: Damage to the glass can allow hot/cool air out and can make electric bills higher than they should be.


Question: Are your home’s windows tinted? Is the tint bubbling or peeling?

Answer: Making sure the tint is effectively covering the window is important in whether the windows are properly insulating the home.


Question: Does your home have sunscreen? Are they ripped or bent?

Answer: Repairing or replacing faulty sunscreens will increase the energy efficiency of your home.


Question: What is your window frame made of?

Answer: Wood, wood-clad and high-quality vinyl frames all are resistant to temperature transfer. Aluminum frames are more susceptible to heat transfer and not as energy efficiency.


Question: Do you have double-hung windows, casement windows or picture windows?

Answer: These types of windows are all slightly more energy efficient than the average window simply because of the way they are built and how they function.


Do you currently have low-e windows? If not, consider installing some for maximum energy efficiency and notice a difference in your electric bill and comfort. Clear Cut Glass can evaluate your home and help find the best option for you to keep your home cool, comfortable and help save you money.


To learn more about Clear Cut Glass or to request a free estimate, visit our website at or better yet, give us a call at 602-490-0550.

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