How Arizona’s heat can affect your home or business glass windows

Phoenix, Arizona is known as the “Valley of the Sun,” for one reason… the incredible sunshine. However, with that sunshine comes the heat! Glass and Phoenix’s extreme temperatures can cause unique situations.

Jason Mariner, President of Peoria-based Clear Cut Glass a locally owned and operated repair and replacement glass company specializing in auto, residential and commercial glass, shares the effects of Arizona’s extreme heat on glass.

Glass and Arizona’s heat:

  • From bad to worse – No matter the extent of the glass damage, heat can worsen the damage. One of the most common heat-caused damaged is when there is a small chip in a windshield, then the heat caused the chip to spider across the windshield.
  • Aluminum frames – Arizona’s heat can heat the aluminum frames to the point that the window frames will actually cause the glass to break.
  • Heat protection – Many Arizonans opt for window tinting or window shades, also known as sunshades, to help keep their home or building cooler.

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