How to know when it’s time to replace your Arizona home windows

Replacing and altering the windows of your home are some of the best ways to reduce the heat and cooling loss from your house. Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass, a Phoenix area home, vehicle and commercial glass company explains how to know when it’s time to replace your Arizona home windows.

When cool air or heat escapes, your electric bill goes up as your home has to work harder to keep it at the desired set temperature. Windows can account for about 20% of the loss in a home so replacing the windows to more efficient ones can keep you comfortable in the Arizona heat and save you money.

There are some simple things you can check and replace with any windows to see if they are performing the way they should. First, you should check if there are gaps between the window frame and surrounding wall. A quick run to the hardware store can fix this problem for most homeowners. Weather-stripping all moving parts will provide additional protection from escaping air.

Many older homes are fitted with single pane windows. Window technology has increased dramatically in the last decade so replacing windows can also affect your homes value. Single paned windows allow the most heat transfer, the most energy lost and the worst investment in terms of costing more to heat/cool your home. Simply switching from a single paned window to a double paned window can double the R factor (term by which insulation is measured by). Windows with suspension film and low-e gas between the panes can increase the R factor 4 times more than the R factor from regular double paned windows.

Clear Cut Glass is experienced in home window replacement in the Phoenix area. Many factors can affect whether replacing windows is a good investment such as where the windows are in your home, how large they are and how many there are. They can tell you which windows would benefit from replacement and where you might be losing air (and money!). Clear Cut Glass has many customers who have seen large savings and quick returns on their investment of custom windows.

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