Phoenix auto glass company shares the most common types of windshield damage

“Repairing your auto glass as soon as possible after damage occurs is essential in preventing having to replace the entire windshield,” stated Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass, a Phoenix windshield replacement company.

“In fact, the sooner a chip repair can be fixed helps how the chip looks after the repair. The less debris that gets inside the chip can result in the repair being less noticeable after the repair is done.

There are a several different types of windshield chips:

  • A bulls-eye crack looks very much like a bulls-eye on a target and is easily repaired if it is less than one inch in diameter.
  • A half-moon crack is basically half a bulls-eye crack with the same concentric circles and is also repaired if it is less than one inch in diameter. Both of these cracks are unlikely to cause further cracking but when oil and particles from the environment get into the crack they can be hard to repair, so it is important to fix them right away.
  • Star cracks look just like they are named, with a ding in the center of several small cracks. This type of crack can most likely be repaired if it is less than one inch in diameter.
  • A combination crack is the most severe of the commonly seen cracks and is a combination of the bulls-eye or half-moon and the star crack. This is the hardest to repair and like the star crack should be done quickly as cracks can easily spread across a windshield if not addressed promptly.

Regardless of the type of crack, knowing where to go to get a fast and quality repair is important.

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