Phoenix Commercial Glass Company explains what to do when your business building has glass damage

Glass is a common design feature in nearly all commercial office and retail buildings across Arizona. Whether it’s a glass door to your office building or floor-to-ceiling windows at a storefront, when there is glass damage at your business… it’s an extreme safety hazard for all around.

Jason Mariner, President of Clear Cut Glass, a Peoria-based glass repair and replacement company specializing in auto, home and commercial glass, shares the steps to take if your business has glass damage.

What to do if there is glass damage at your business

  1. Secure area: Immediately secure the area – make it clear that your staff and customers need to stay away from the damaged glass for their safety.
  2. Don’t touch: If at all possible leave all of the glass alone. Even the slightest scrap or brushing by a broken piece of glass can cause serious bodily harm.
  3. Call Clear Cut Glass: Our professionals will walk through the safest way to handle the glass until the glass technicians arrive.

It is important to note that all glass damage situations are different. In every case, the safety of the business staff, patrons and yourself should be the priority.

Clear Cut Glass knows that it is imperative that you have your business up and running as soon as possible. We provide quick response time across the state of Arizona.

To learn more about Clear Cut Glass or to request a free estimate, visit our website at or better yet, give us a call at 602-490-0550.

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