Phoenix glass company shares four advantages to double-paned windows

Since single-paned windows used to be the norm in houses, double-paned windows are now a cost-effective and valuable update for your home. A double-paned window is one that has two panels of glass with air or an insulating gas like argon. Double-paned windows add value to your home and you can also see immediate returns in savings as well. Phoenix glass company, Clear Cut Glass, describes the four main advantages to replacing your home’s windows.

Low Heat Transference

Many customers have reported a significant drop in afternoon indoor temperatures as a result of switching to double-paned windows. Because they are better insulated, less cool air escapes in the summer and less warm air escapes in the winter. Thus you are more comfortable and your air and heating unit doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Financial Gains

Due to your home not having to work as hard to keep it cool or warm, homes with double-paned windows save energy and therefore save money on their energy bills. Double-paned windows can save between 20-30% per month on a home’s electric bill. Replacing your windows with double-paned windows also increases the value of your home, especially in an area with extreme weather like Phoenix.

Additional Soundproofing

Many homeowners live near a noisy road or school and wish they didn’t hear so much of the outside world while they are in their home. Others worry about noise from inside the home such as playing kids, instrument practice etc… Double-paned windows provided additional sound insulation as well and break up the sound waves so the noise is reduced both ways leaving the home with a more quiet atmosphere.


Double-paned windows because there are two panes of glass are a natural deterrent for would-be thieves, as they would have to break through two layers of glass to get in the home. You home is additionally protected from outside foreign objects such as neighborhood balls or wayward birds.

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