Phoenix windshield crack


Jason Mariner, owner of Clear Cut Glass, an Arizona glass company specializing in the repair of Phoenix windshield cracks explains when a auto glass crack needs to be replaced immediately.

There are many different types of damage on automobile windshields. One type is the commonly heard word “chip”. A “chip” or “ding” is layman’s terms for what is actually called a bulls-eye break, star break or combination break.

Cracks are also another type of damage that can occur on car windshields. They can occur from outside debris such as rocks hitting the windshield, pressure on the windshield from weight pushing on it or even from a break that has not been repaired in a windshield.

Many things can cause a break to worsen into a crack such as extreme heat, cold, pressure, damage to the bond between the layers of the windshield.

There are three main types of windshield cracks:

Edge Crack – A crack that reaches to the edge from an impact point

Floater Crack – A crack that “floats” does not touch any edge of the windshield

Stress Crack – A crack that does not have an impact point and begins at an edge

Cracks are very important to repair soon after they are noticed because they weaken the windshield and can very quickly make a small repair become a complete windshield replacement.

If a crack is less than three inches long it is usually repairable. Cracks also pose a safety hazard because they can affect the line of vision and the structural integrity of a windshield if the crack is large enough. It is not legal to drive with a crack that obstructs the drivers’ line of sight.

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