Phoenix windshield damage

Durango Damage1

Clear Cut Glass, a Phoenix windshield repair and replacement company, sees all types of glass damage. This story is pretty amazing!

Here’s an incredible story from a recent customer:

The driver was traveling West on Northern when a huge cement truck was heading East.  A large rock (about the size of a dodge ball) was lodged inside the truck’s wheel well.  The rock became dislodged and airborne…smashing into his windshield.  It did not go all the way through the glass.

Thank goodness the windshield did its job and stopped it.  The customer called his insurance agent’s office right away and were given our number to help.  We had a tech and new windshield to their home within a couple hours.  We pulled out the damaged glass, cleaned up the glass inside the vehicle, and installed a new windshield for them.

When we see damage like this, we are always thankful to hear that no one was hurt.  It is nice to be able to help in these situations!

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