Phoenix windshield safety

Clear Cut Glass, a Phoenix auto glass company, repairs and replaces car windshields across Arizona. We know the importance of having a windshield free from chips and cracks to eliminate a possible distraction when driving.

When we visit your homes or offices to repair or replace a damage windshield, we always enjoy the opportunity to talk to young drivers about windshield safety.

Here is some of the information we share:

As most drivers know, other cars on the freeway can kick up small rocks that damage windshields and while usually this is unavoidable, there are some techniques that parents can teach their teens to be aware of to avoid auto glass damage. Teens are especially susceptible to developing bad habits such as following closely behind other cars (impatiently driving).

Teach them to avoid driving behind semi-trucks and other large vehicles, as they are more likely to kick up small gravel behind them. Share with your new drivers places in your area that are high-theft areas where glass might be broken to steal things in your car. Teach your teenagers to avoid dark and badly lit parking areas as this is another high-theft situation.

Start mentioning auto glass safety when your children first get their permit. Let them see you repair any cracks in your windshield in a safe and timely manner. Explain how insurance works to pay for windshield repairs/replacements. Consider having them pay for insurance or help you pay by getting good grades and learning the importance of insurance.

To have your windshield repaired or replaced, contact Clear Cut Glass today to schedule your appointment. Call 602-490-0550 Today!

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