Sunscreens — how they work

Installing sunscreens on home windows is a great way to reduce the temperature of your home and decrease your electricity bill. Especially for those living in Arizona, sunscreens can prevent much of the heat from the sun from penetrating through the windows.

Sunscreens work by creating a barrier of between the sun and windowpane. The heat and ultra-violet rays emitted from the sun must shine through the sunscreen before they hit the glass.  This shaded filter effectively reduces the amount of heat and glare transmitted through the glass. Depending on the type of sunscreen installed, the suns rays can be reduced anywhere from 60-90%.

Sunscreens are also effective during winter as well as they help keep the heat from inside the house from escaping outside. This is why the sunscreens are effective year-round regardless of the weather.

However sunscreens are not a solid barrier. They still function as a screen to protect the inside of the home from insects. Sunscreens are also breezy enough for proper airflow when the windows are open. They still allow for light to shine through as well. Sunscreens also provide privacy during the day as the shading protects the window from being transparent from the outside.

With the summer fast approaching and temperatures rising daily, Phoenix valley residents can benefit from a simple installation of sunscreens to save them money and give them a cool and comfortable summer.

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