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Arizona home window replacement | Clear Cut Glass

It’s no surprise that our Arizona summers are unbelievably hot. But no one wants to suffer these extreme temps while in the comfort of their home. Arizona home windows are the greatest heat source in our homes. Having the right types of windows can save you money and keep you cool!

Our clients that upgrade their home’s windows do it for a variety of reasons including raising the home’s value or simply replacing a broken window. However, most Phoenix-area homeowners decide to replace their windows because their energy bills are high due to the fact that their home can’t keep out the heat.

With temperatures in Phoenix 80 degrees or above for most of the year, people want to be able to keep their homes cool. Clear Cut Glass does not want you to suffer when your air conditioning seems to stop working after the hot afternoon sun has been beating through your windows.

Replacing old windows can significantly and quickly reduce your monthly energy bill. The actual cost of new windows includes a number of factors such as type of window, size, location and installation costs. Many people wonder if the initial investment of upgrading your windows is worth the cost long-term. Clear Cut Glass has been helping Phoenix homeowners for the past decade achieve their desired savings after upgrading their windows while providing excellent products and service.

Simply upgrading your homes windows to double-paned windows from older, single-paned windows can provide immediate energy savings on your monthly energy bill. Older windows also tend to have gaps in the space between the windows and their frames, compromising the air-conditioning in your home as well. Cool air lost is money lost; upgrading windows is the best way to seal in the cool air along with your money and keep the hot air out! The actual savings will reflect which windows you replace, if the windows are treated with additional film or sunscreens and how large the windows (and your home) are.

Clear Cut Glass can give you a customized quote for your homes new windows so you can be cooler, more comfortable and have a little more money in your pocket each month.

To learn more about Clear Cut Glass or to request a free estimate, visit our website at or better yet, give us a call at 602-490-0550.

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