What to do when your home window breaks – Phoenix Clear Cut Glass explains

As an Arizona homeowner, there probably will come a day when you will experience a broken window at your home or even a shattered glass shower door.  At Clear Cut Glass we see this type of home glass damage everyday.

When you have broken glass in your home, safety is top-of-mind. Immediately contact Clear Cut Glass to have an experienced glass technician walk you through the most effective way to create a safe environment surrounding the broken glass.

Each damaged area is different, but the following are typical steps you may take if you have a cracked window or glass in your home.

Please note: these instructions are for a simple-to-moderate cracks; not a massive window shattering that would create loose glass shards.  Should a glass break at your home or business, please contact the professionals at Clear Cut Glass right away before any clean-up is done. We can advise the safest way to secure and contain the area.  If you can wait for us to come clean up the mess, please do…that is always the best thing to do.  If your situation forces you to clean up the glass immediately, here are some helpful tips once the broken glass area is blocked off.

What to do if glass cracks at your home or business:

  1. First, carefully pick up any large pieces and put them into a trash bag.
  2. Then, sweep the glass as best you can into a pile and then into a dustpan.
  3. Vacuum the entire area, even beyond where the glass fell, as it tends to shoot off several feet in each direction. Use your hose attachment on any crevices, such as the grout between your tile.
  4. Now, you need to make sure all the tiny pieces are cleaned up. You can do this by dampening a paper towel and pressing it on the floor, making sure you do not touch the underside of the paper towel. Wipes, like Clorox Green Works Wipes, are great for this. If you’re working with a large area, replace the towel and start with a fresh one after a few presses. You can also clean up these fine glass bits by laying duct tape on your floor and burnishing with a credit card to make sure it’s smooth, and then lifting up the tape. This is more time-consuming, but works.
  5. When you’re finished, make sure to safely dispose of all of your paper towels in the trash can.
  6. Make Appointment. Make sure to contact Clear Cut Glass to begin the process of repairing the damaged window.

To learn more about Clear Cut Glass or to request a free estimate, visit our website at ClearCutGlass.com or better yet, give us a call at 602-490-0550.

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