To window tint, or not to window tint that is the question!


Does window tinting really block out heat?  The answer is…..YES!

Window tint does reduce thermal rays, therefore it reduces heat! Window tint is designed to reject the thermal rays that make sunlight increase temperature.  How much heat does the tint actually block?  Good question!  Depending upon the type of solar tint you select, it could potentially block up to 70% of heat.  That is a lot of heat!

Most consumers elect to have solar tinting on their autos in Arizona, but what about home tinting?  Can tinting your home windows also help save on cooling?  The answer to this question is also…..YES!  Solar tinting blocks thermal rays just as well on homes or office buildings as it does on autos.  With residential and commercial solar window film, your large windows will still let in plenty of natural light but won’t leave you sweating in your chair!  Solar tint even provides a form of insulation, so it will prevent heat loss in colder months.  All in all, solar tinting is a win win for home, auto, and commercial windows!

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