Custom Glass

Beautify your home through our custom glasswork; including shelves, table tops, mirrors, and elegant frameless tub and shower enclosures. If you can imagine it...we can do it!

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Let your creativity shine

We can help you create stunning custom glass pieces

From custom shower enclosures to mirrors and glass railing systems, we can turn your home or bathroom into a pleasing oasis of elegance and simplicity.

Frameless Tub and Shower Enclosures

If elegance and style is what you are looking for in your bathroom, then a frameless enclosure is the perfect remedy.  Frameless means that the frame around the glass is very minimal, if even there at all, providing a showcase view of the beautiful tile work in your shower or bath.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors can make a statement in any room.  From exercise rooms to bathrooms, or even in a dining or living room, a custom mirror can be just the design feature you need.  This picture to the side is on our corporate office reception area.  This is our company’s tag line sand blasted in the mirror.  This type of creativity we can do for you.

Table Top Glass

Custom glass tabletops can come in any shape and size.  This picture to the side is our conference room table in our corporate office.  It is one inch low iron glass with custom edgework.  Let us design a custom table for you.

Railings and Guardrails

Glass railings are stylish and sleek.  They offer a modern look yet the required safety.  This is a picture of the guard railing system that we have in our lobby.  Come by to see it in person.

Glass and Mirror Samples

Sometimes a ‘normal’ mirror or clear glass just will not do.  No worries, we are here to help.  This picture to the side is a custom antique mirror we did for a customer’s kitchen remodel.  The antique mirror is on their fridge and freezer.  We have dozens of different types of mirror, colors, and obscure glass samples in our showroom.  Come down and take a look.