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We offer all kinds of moving glass door and wall systems: including Lift & Slide, Multi-Slide, Pocket, and Bi-Folding Doors to customize your custom home.

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We work directly with industry leading glass door manufacturers – Panda and WIN-DOR.  Every door system is customized specifically to your needs and provides the ideal solution for maximizing openings in structures.  The Lift & Slide and Multi Slide Door Systems can both be pocketed into a wall – allowing the doors not to be seen when they are completely open.   Bi-Folding Glass Door Systems are a great alternative where door pocketing is not an option.  All of these systems connect your space to the outdoors or act as an interior space divider.

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Panda’s Lift & Slide Glass Wall System

Panda’s Lift & Slide Glass Wall Systems provide minimal site-line interference, allowing expansive glass panels to roll smoothly and operate easily.  With just the push of a finger, living spaces expand creating seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

The panels use their own weight to compress the seals thus creating a completely weather-tight wall system when in the “down” position – ideal for exterior applications requiring an added layer of security and for climate weather conditions.

These Panda systems also offer a track mechanism that is considered ‘barefoot’ friendly,” expending only 3/16 of an inch above the floor. This allows comfort and seamless indoor-outdoor living.

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Multi-Slide Glass Wall Systems

Multi-Slide Glass Walls Systems are a cost-effective alternative to Lift & Slides. They are a highly-engineered line of custom sliding door systems which are typically made up of multiple panels.  The number of panels used varies based on the configuration and the number of vertical sight-lines desired (usually between 3 and 10 panels).

The panels may all stack on one end behind each other to create a total opening of all but one panel’s width as a viewing obstruction.  To eliminate the viewing obstruction completely, the panels may all be pocketed to one or both sides of the opening.  Stacking systems may also bi-part and stack on both sides.

Within this line of door systems many options are available for materials and track types.  All multi-slide systems operate on a bottom wheel set or series of sets which allow the panels to easily glide along a track system.

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WinDor Multi-Slide Door Configurations
WinDor Multi-Slide Door Grid Patterns
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Bi Fold Door

Bi-Folding Glass Door Systems

Bi-Folding Glass Door Systems are a great alternative where door pocketing is not an option.  These systems connect your space to the outdoors or act as an interior space divider.  These folding doors use a top-hung system that carries its weight through a head track designed to withstand an ultimate load of 450 lbs. The maintenance-free sealed bearing rollers allow for the quietest and smoothest operation.

Panda’s Folding Glass Wall System offers all wood, aluminum and wood clad models, each offered with a thermally broken series as well.  Panda also offers a pinch resistant gasket.  These unique double gaskets provide a buffer to prevent fingers from being trapped, ideal for environments where small children are present.

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WIN-DOR offers an aluminum product completely encapsulated in vinyl. Their innovative, durable, low-maintenance folding door system that is considered among the highest quality vinyl bi-fold doors in America.  WIN-DOR’s unique blend of strong rigid aluminum framing with a long-lasting low-maintenance vinyl capping creates a unique combination not available from other manufacturers.

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WinDor Folding Door Grid Patterns
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Off-Set Pivot Doors

Nothing adds style and sophistication to your home like a beautiful, large pivot door.  Pivot doors that are used as entry doors create the ‘wow’ factor you are looking for when someone walks up to your home.  These panels are high-capacity in terms of weight and endurance which create opportunity for a large swing door which may exceed 70 square feet using a single panel.

The operation is like that of most any other swing-door, only this line features multi-point locking mechanisms and operates easily even when the panel is over-sized and heavy.  These systems are chosen often for a stunning curb appeal as main entry doors to residences but may also be used in virtually any other application that calls for a large Pivot or French door.